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Guide for pet fusing

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Guide for pet fusing

Post  LiangHaoYuan on Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:56 am

First of all, you need to know the material for fusing of pets. There are 2 types of GEM for pet fusing and 2 types of PET SOUL SPIRIT too.

Take a close look at the Arua used of the GEM, they look alike but they are diff in their value.
100arua gem drop from any World Bosses, whereby 75arua gem drop only by Guild Dungeon Bosses or by crafting.

As for Pet Soul, there are now Elementary pet soul spirit & Advance pet soul spirit. Both of them are use for fusing of pet and they give you diff set of pet too. Elementary pet soul spirit can be purchase at Yang City Mount Trainer Zeb and Advance pet soul can be drop by any bosses in dungeon. The easiest way is to purchase them in the Auction House.

Location of Mount Trainer Zeb:-

SS of pet fusing as follow:-

Play around with them to see the diff, try inserting with (1) 100arua GEM & (2) 100arua GEM into the slots.
And try inserting with (1) 100arua GEM + (1) 75arua GEM together.

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