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Fire Mystic Built W/O Talent Eureka PVP/PVE MIX

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Fire Mystic Built W/O Talent Eureka PVP/PVE MIX

Post  MaxiPad on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:14 am

Hello guys, this is the first Fire mystic built i'll be posting and it has to do with a little bit of both PVE and PVP since fire is not really a pvp built but that changes when you get the 50 Set or Rigid Cold book which are the MOST important things you need as a fire mystic,below is the talent tree

A few things to point out are why 3 points into HP regen and why not 3 into Music Stars, The reason is simple we want to increase HP regeneration with the Critical damage.
Critical damage and critical rate will be your best friends as a fire mystic,and the more HP you can obtain from using Potions and Healing song, the better(Once you get the last Skill from the fire tree "Incinerate" you'll lose 1% HP every 10 seconds, it might not sound much to you but it becomes really bothersome later on and you'll want to have good HP regeneration)

MP Won't be a problem with the Afterheat talent but as you get stronger with more books and skill,you can later on avoid using this talent.

Also Anthem and War Song will prove useful for Dungeons or long PvP sessions like Cavaliers fate where every second and minute counts(Later on you get books which amplify both of these skills)

Below is the combat Aid (1) is for PVE/PVP, (2) is for PVE/PVP 60-99% crit rate+Inspire-Rigid Cold ON, (3) is for AOE/DMG dealing mostly dungeons

Below is the Buff Aid(1) is your general buff which should always be on, (2) is for PVP+(1), (3) are the speed boosts they work well in Guild War or VS assasins


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