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Character statistics (Guide)

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Character statistics (Guide)

Post  LiangHaoYuan on Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:52 pm

Hi Guys, i'm going to show a brief Guide on how to build your Character statistics here. And a little on "Critical damage / Critical chance. SS below showing example of Character statistic.

There are few things you'll need to know before we start.

Are you a Cash Player or a Non Cash Player.
For Cash player you have more rooms for improvement. You can refine your gears by upgrading them with Protection Scroll, Lucky Crystal & enchant your gears with Casting & Excellent Chain Hammer. Look at the SS below and those are the stats added to your Character after equipping it. The pcs of gear is refine to +11, (1% of anti critical rate), (5% of reduce critical damage) & (1% of critical rate) added to your Character statistic. You can refine & equip a total 10 pcs of gears, include your Talisman, Ring & Jewel.

10 pcs of gears at refine +11 boost your stats with more defends, weapon mastery & (10% anti critical rate), (50% reduce critical damage), (10% of critical rate). You may also enchant your gears with casting & hammer to gain more critical rate, defend & etc.

You may also purchase Fashions & Mounts in the Cash Shop "Item Mall" to obtain points to boost up your stats and some cash pets that are not an available loot in game. Look at the SS below for example.

For Non Cash player, Obtain more Titles & Pets that are available as loots in game to boost up your statistics . Titles and Pets give you passive stats. ( Please refer to Pets Guide)

***Hint for Non Cash Player, save up your sen & look out for Players that are selling cash items for your upgrading.

Choose your main weapon of the 3 kinds & refine it to +15 at least for decent damage. Refine bonus will only added to your stats while you are holding & using the weapon. It's not a need to refine all the 3 of your weapons.

Most important stats for your class (Defensive).

  • Warrior:- Deflect Rate/Block Rate.

  • Mystic:- Defend.

  • Assassin:- Dodge.

  • Monk:- Defend.

Most important Stats (Offensive).
Critical Rate & Critical Damage. These are the only important Stats that all class share in common. Warrior, Mystic, Assassin for damage & Monk use it for damage / healing. The more critical damage you're having, the more damage or heal you will be doing.

Basing on critical damage is not enough. In order to make use of your critical damage you will need decent amount of CRITICAL RATE. Critical rate provide you with the chances of dealing critical hit. To make use of your critical damage decently you will need at least 50% of critical chance (Crit Rate).

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