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Stats booster (Relics)

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Stats booster (Relics)

Post  LiangHaoYuan on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:06 am

Relics is another method to boost your stats. You can choose between 5 Relics and every Relic provide you with diff stats. There are Minor Crystal Relic, Minor Wheel Relic, Minor Gourd Relic, Minor Canon Relic, Minor Sword Relic & Minor Shield Relic.

Minor Sword Relic & Minor Canon Relic are most commonly in use.
Sword Relic most commonly use by Tanker class such as Non DPS Warrior (Pure Tank). Sword Relic inbuild you with additional 10% of defend, 10% deflect rate & 5% damage reduce. It's the only Relic advisable for a Tanker.

Offensive Class such as DPS Warrior, Mystic, Assassin use Canon Relic as well as Monk to boost their healing. Canon Relic inbuild you with additional 2000 of armor reduction, 15% critical damage & 10% critical rate. It's the only Relic advisable for a DPS.

All of the Relics are free and will be able to obtain in game without paying a penny. By leveling a Relic you gain Relic point too. Look at the SS below for example.

Relics are usually drop in dungeons and training towers. Proceed to Wind Maze for Sword Relic & Flame Maze for Canon relic. Take you the most few days to hunt for 1 even you are that unlucky.


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